“How to Check if Honey is Pure or Adulterated?” – Honey Purity Test


This article has everything you need to know about checking the purity of honey.

How do we respond to crystallized honey?

Shockingly 90% of people believe that if honey turns into crystals, it is of poor quality, unfit to eat, or we label it spoiled. So much so that we believe it adulterated. Really shocking! As a result, we reject honey that crystallizes and even become a spokesperson against buying crystallized honey. It is absolutely an […]

FSSAI Amended parameters

The food safety and standard authority of India hereby make the following regulations operational with immediate effect. The food Business operators shall follow these regulations. However, in respect of the provisions, other than the parameters and the limit thereof as prescribed under item (V) of these amendment regulations, the compliance shall commence after six months […]

Importance of honeybees to human life & planet

Honeybees are generally known to us offering honey and other bee products. However, it plays a significant role in pollinating about 75% of the world’s food crops. However, over the past recent years, several factors are threatening the existence of honeybees. As a result, the decline in the honeybee population poses a serious threat to […]

Beekeepers in India and their challenges

The major challenge that beekeepers face is Chinese sugar adulterants which have caused great damage to the beekeeping business in India and across the world. Beekeepers want to leave their beekeeping business because of the widespread use of harmful sugar syrup, which has become a standard adulterant in honey to spike its quantity. It is […]

How To Make Nusqa e Arabia At Home?

Making Nusqa e Arabia at home is not that frustrating. You can try making it with readily available kitchen ingredients. If not, we are there to help you. This natural concoction will help you with various health issues, like: Weight gain. Heart blockage due to bad cholesterol. Digestion issues. In case of lack of energy, […]

Hyderabad Exhibition ‘Numaish’ 2022

Hyderabad exhibition ‘Numaish’ 2022 reopens and back on 25th February 2022 after a momentary pause due to the omicron outbreak. With this news, the hope and joy of every year’s ‘‘Numaish’’ come alive as the cases of the Covid omicron variant have come down. So, this year’s Hyderabad Exhibition ‘Numaish’ 2022 promises a safe and […]

All India Nursery Mela Hyderabad 2022

Telangana Event Organizer presents the 11th All India Nursery Mela, also known as All India Horticulture and Agriculture show Hyderabad 2022. A great event for nature lovers to experience and purchase a variety of horticulture and agriculture plants from different states. Besides this, natural food like dry fruits and Pure honey in the nursery mela […]

Nusqa E Arabia – Who Introduced it?

Nusqa e Arabia is a natural concoction for heart ailments, bad cholesterol and growing fat difficulties among people. Let us know how Nusqa E Arabia was introduced first. This natural remedy has proved very effective and saved the unbearable hospital bills of thousands of such customers. How did Nusqa e Arabia first take birth and […]

Honey and Turmeric – Method, Usage & Benefits.

Honey and turmeric are a magical combination for various health purposes. They are full of medicinal properties that keep you away from the doctor. Worth trying! Both contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to help combat various diseases by increasing your immune defensive system. Therefore, there is no other natural remedy or choice than using natural […]

Honey For Face Wash: Healthy & Safe!

Honey for face wash is a non-toxic and natural way to keep your face healthy, radiant and safe. So let’s know how it helps? Its Ingredients Make Natural Honey Perfect For Face Wash: Why? Because natural honey offers antibacterial and antioxidant properties that provide excellent skincare and protection. Since ancient times, honey has nourished skin, […]